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2016: a year of women, writing

I’m not big on those year-end letters.  You know the ones:  What a year! I am humbled that I was able to make it to the top of Mount McKinley, dodging four avalanches, and in record time!  Junior was unable to make the trip as he was being awarded the Nobel Prize for Microphysics in… Continue reading 2016: a year of women, writing

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I care about Lisa. (What matters, part 3)

I met a woman named Lisa this weekend.  We volunteered together at LifeGift, Houston’s organ procurement organization (OPO), where a heart recipient and the donor’s family were meeting for the first time.  It was an experience I will never forget. Afterwards, Lisa and I exchanged emails. “You have truly warmed my heart and blessed my… Continue reading I care about Lisa. (What matters, part 3)