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7 Lazy Words I’m Giving Up

A short, fluffy post today.  Nothing deep and meaningful here.  My feelings won’t be hurt if you decide to pass. But I need to publicly commit to striking a few words from my vocabulary. And by the way, “fluffy” is not among them.  I love fluffy.  What a fun word.  Say it to yourself:  Fluffy. … Continue reading 7 Lazy Words I’m Giving Up

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Late Bloomers: Can This Grandma Moses Become George McFly?

As I sat on my hotel room balcony overlooking the turquoise waters and flaky white sand of Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach last week, I pondered what lies ahead.  That’s so me, to be in a beautiful place, literally and figuratively, thinking not about the bird in hand, or in this case the black one… Continue reading Late Bloomers: Can This Grandma Moses Become George McFly?

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Falling Down the Wrabbit Hole

Week before last, I masqueraded as a writer.  In a burst of inspiration a few months ago, I registered for Writefest, a weeklong series of workshops, lectures and panel discussions put on by Writespace, a new community for emerging writers.  Writespace is located in Silver Street Studios in Houston, a warehouse turned hive of artist studios, in… Continue reading Falling Down the Wrabbit Hole

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3 Stories That Blew Me Away

Since embarking on my creative writing journey, I have read a lot.  There is so much good writing out there.  In the past couple of weeks I stumbled on three stories that really moved me.  All penned by women, one of whom,  Joi Maria, was in a Writespace workshop with me this week. Twenty Minutes by Joi… Continue reading 3 Stories That Blew Me Away