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Who’s on Your Board?

Companies have advisory boards, why can’t people? Most of the companies I’ve worked for over the years have had either boards of directors or advisory boards, or both.  Companies carefully curate a group of individuals with the knowledge and expertise they, the companies, need to be successful.  This got me thinking.  If I had a personal… Continue reading Who’s on Your Board?

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End Gaining Versus the Means-Whereby

This is a perfect topic for me to write about today.  It’s a stunningly gorgeous day here in Houston, Texas, and I have to admit, I would rather be outside enjoying the day than sitting here typing away.  Yet, I made a commitment to myself at the beginning of the year, when I started my… Continue reading End Gaining Versus the Means-Whereby

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Falling Down the Wrabbit Hole

Week before last, I masqueraded as a writer.  In a burst of inspiration a few months ago, I registered for Writefest, a weeklong series of workshops, lectures and panel discussions put on by Writespace, a new community for emerging writers.  Writespace is located in Silver Street Studios in Houston, a warehouse turned hive of artist studios, in… Continue reading Falling Down the Wrabbit Hole