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What matters.

I used to care an awful lot about wrapping paper, particularly Christmas wrap.  I would pride myself on selecting just the right hand crafted papers from boutique gift shops the likes of Kuhl-Linscomb and Events here in Houston.  I would pair them with fabric ribbons – never those store-bought, pre-made bows! – to complement our… Continue reading What matters.

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The Victim, the Perp and the Good Samaritan

If you’ve been following along – and thankfully many have; we’re up to over 5,000 views! – you know that I typically post something each weekend.  I skipped last weekend to treat myself to a Mother’s Day weekend in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with my handsome, smart, sweet 20-year-old son, Burke.  Over the weekend, we moved him… Continue reading The Victim, the Perp and the Good Samaritan


Time to Think. Time to Feel. Time to Create.

We have become time masochists, robbing ourselves of the opportunity to live more meaningful lives. We live in sound bites.  Tweets. Instant messages.  We’re irked we have to wait 10 seconds to buy things with our new smart chip cards.  I read recently that the average person’s attention span is less than three minutes, and… Continue reading Time to Think. Time to Feel. Time to Create.

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7 Lazy Words I’m Giving Up

A short, fluffy post today.  Nothing deep and meaningful here.  My feelings won’t be hurt if you decide to pass. But I need to publicly commit to striking a few words from my vocabulary. And by the way, “fluffy” is not among them.  I love fluffy.  What a fun word.  Say it to yourself:  Fluffy. … Continue reading 7 Lazy Words I’m Giving Up

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Late Bloomers: Can This Grandma Moses Become George McFly?

As I sat on my hotel room balcony overlooking the turquoise waters and flaky white sand of Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach last week, I pondered what lies ahead.  That’s so me, to be in a beautiful place, literally and figuratively, thinking not about the bird in hand, or in this case the black one… Continue reading Late Bloomers: Can This Grandma Moses Become George McFly?

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Who’s on Your Board?

Companies have advisory boards, why can’t people? Most of the companies I’ve worked for over the years have had either boards of directors or advisory boards, or both.  Companies carefully curate a group of individuals with the knowledge and expertise they, the companies, need to be successful.  This got me thinking.  If I had a personal… Continue reading Who’s on Your Board?