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3 Stories That Blew Me Away


Since embarking on my creative writing journey, I have read a lot.  There is so much good writing out there.  In the past couple of weeks I stumbled on three stories that really moved me.  All penned by women, one of whom,  Joi Maria, was in a Writespace workshop with me this week.

Twenty Minutes by Joi Maria

This short piece grabbed me by the throat from the first line and wouldn’t let me go.  I don’t think I breathed the entire read.  Still under its spell, I literally forgot to eat breakfast.  It is strong.  (And I will do you the favor of telling you, up front, it’s fiction.)  Mesmerizing.

No Words by Ra

WordPress Discover followers may have seen this.  It’s a story penned by Ra, a “once-upon-a-time inmate, a reluctantly-optimistic widow, an accidental storyteller, and also basically a dinosaur.”  I’ll leave it at that.  Wow.

Violet by Adele Oliveira

Longreads featured this story by Adele Oliveira, an award-winning freelance writer and editor, about giving birth to her daughter Violet three months early.  Her story is heart-wrenching, her writing flawless.


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